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Cancer Prevention Coalition, Non-Profit
An Educational and Advocacy 501c3 Organization
Los Angeles Local Office Director Shelley Kramer, MPH

Dear Oakland City Council,

The Cancer Prevention Coalition has joined and East Bay Pesticide Alert in the Pro-Safety (anti-pesticide) coalition.

We reviewed the Oakland Ordinance. Pesticides applied to tree stumps will still leech into the soil and increase cancer risks for residents and visitors, for children, for adults; and therefore we must oppose this ordinance.

We are researchers, health care practicioners and concerned citizens educated in knowing what cancer causing chemicals and ingredients we are using in our homes, offices, schools, and environments. There are numerous ways to weed and get rid of the harmful ingredients with alternative remedies at similar costs. The cost of cancer is prohibitive and is preventable.

Cancer is an epidemic and we must take all appropriate steps to stop unnecessarily using cancer causing ingredients. Cancer clusters evolve from seemingly innocuous products: bug killers, ant killers, hair shampoo, face creams, toothpaste, cosmetics.

The Cancer Prevention Coalition is a national and international organization with over 2,000 members. It was founded in 1994 by Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Univ of Ill, Chicago School of Public Health. We help educate the public on awareness of avoidable risks of cancer using safe available, alternatives.

Please help us protect our health and that of our children


Shelley R. Kramer, MPH
Los Angeles Local Office Director of the Cancer Prevention Coalition
310 457 5176