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Express Your Opposition to Roll-back of Pesticide Ban

This is a regional issue. Everybody needs to speak out about what is happening in Oakland. While many cities are taking steps forward towards getting rid of toxics, to have a major city, which wants to view itself as progressive, turning back the hands of time, sends a deadly message to other municipalities. Cities such as San Leandro, for instance, which have not even responded to local residents' attempts to have a pesticide-free pocket park placed on a long-standing weed lot owned by the city, could view this rollback of Oakland's ordinance as an invitation to continue or increase their own toxic pesticide use.

Please contact the Oakland City Council, the Oakland City Administrator, the City Attorney, and the Mayor.

Please write letters to the editor to local media

City council members are most impressed by people showing up at meetings, then by letters or post cards sent by snail mail, then by faxes and phone calls, then by email

Parking in the lot directly behind City Hall is free while attending meetings. Write on the ticket the name and time of the meeting you're attending..Please come scent free.

If you're an Oakland voter, make it clear to your council person that that person's leadership is expected on this issue and will be a critical deciding factor in how you'll vote in the next election. Also tell Mayor Medfly, Jerry Brown, that you'll be watching him on this issue as he gears up his campaign for statewide public office.

Sample Letter

Dear Cty Council President Ignacio De La Fuente

I am writing to urge you to oppose the proposed exemption to
Oakland's Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policy in the Wildfire
Prevention District. The active and inactive ingredients in herbicides
Glyphosate (Roundup) and Triclopyr (Garlon) are associated with a
wide range of ill effects to people, animals and the environment. I urge
you to preserve a safe and clean environment in Oakland by
maintaining the ban on pesticides in the hills.

send an email to everybody (all Council Members, the City Administrator, Attorney and Mayor).


Copy and Paste the following into the to: window of your favorite email program;;;;;;;;;

Individual Contact Information for Oakland Officials

City Council

District One Jane Brunner
Phone 238-7001
Fax 238-6910

District Three Nancy Nadel
Phone: 238-7003 Fax: 238-6129

District Four Jean Quan
Phone: 238-7004
Fax: 986-2765

District Five Ignacio De La Fuente
Phone: 238-7005
Fax: 238-6129

District Six Desley Brooks
Phone: 238-7006
Fax: 238-6910

District Seven Larry Reid
Phone: 238-7007 Fax: 238-6910

At Large Henry Chang

City Attorney: John Russo
Phone: 238-3601
Fax: 238-6500

City Administrator: Deborah Edgerly
Phone: 238-3601
Fax: 238-6500

Mayor: Jerry Brown
Phone: 238-3141
Fax: 238-4731

Local Media

Please write letters to the editor to papers in the greater Bay Area: the Oakland Tribune, the Montclarion, Contra Costa Times, West County Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Bay Guardian, East Bay Express, San Leandro Times, Berkeley Planet, Daily Californian, etc.

Oakland Tribune

Contra Costa Times

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Bay Guardian

Daily Californian

East Bay Express